Katie Edwards is Standing Up for Us

Standing Up for Taxpayers and Criminal Justice Reform

"Florida spends almost $60,000 to incarcerate a drug offender serving a mandatory three-year prison sentence. It would cost just $20,000 to treat that same individual in a work release program. Given the math, Gov. Rick Scott should take a fresh look at mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent, first-time drug offenders. Opposing reform is a costly mistake, given that 70 percent of Florida prison admissions are nonviolent offenders. Edwards' bill would have saved Florida about $18 million over the next five years, according to a staff analysis of the bill." -Sun-Sentinel, "Florida's tough drug sentences for minor offenses too costly," Aug. 24, 2013

Standing Up for Elections Reform

As a member of the House Ethics and Elections Committee, Katie Edwards championed elections reforms that allowed optional early voting on Sunday, expands the number of early voting sites, and increases the number of days allowable for early voting.

Standing Up for Our Children

As a member of the Health and Human Services Committee, Katie Edwards called for investigative hearings into the questionable treatment of adolescents with mental health and behavioral issues in facilities licensed by the State. Katie also continues to fight for legislative reform of seclusion and restraint policies used on children with disabilities in public schools. She also helped make sure the Broward Sheriff's Office received $2 million for Child Investigative Protective Services which is critical in responding to incidents of child abuse and neglect.

Standing Up for Our Environment

Protecting Florida's water supply and water quality are imperative to our State which is why Katie Edwards has been vocal in calling for a balanced, holistic approach to the problems facing Lake Okeechobee and our waterways. She supports comprehensive efforts to address the impacts of residential fertilizer usage and septic tanks.

Standing Up for Patients and Health Care

Katie Edwards proudly cosponsored the Cancer Treatment Fairness Act which prohibits insurance companies from charging more for oral cancer medications. Katie has furthered the debate in Florida on medicinal marijuana, and she introduced the Cathy Jordan Medicinal Cannabis Act in 2013. She also supports expanding affordable health care coverage to Florida's uninsured working families and children.